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Eric Wilbur

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Eric Wilbur is a Massachusetts native who still manages to find something new and exciting about Boston every day.


Eric's work has appeared in The Boston Globe, The Globe's OT Sports Magazine, on Foxsports.com, NESN.com, The New England Ski Journal, and Boston.com, where he writes travel and sports. He is the sole author of The Boston Sports Blog on Boston.com, for whom he has covered two Super Bowls, a World Series, and skiing throughout New England.


Eric earned a bachelor's degree in journalism from St. Michael's College in 1996. He is also a graduate of Boston University's School of Communication, where he received a Master's of Science in Journalism in 1999.

By Eric Wilbur:

If you're new to Boston, you've come to the right place. You'll find this city not only rich of history, activities, and culture, but confusion as well. We're here to help you with that. Whether it be navigating the T, finding the best spot for dinner, or discovering what events are coming to town, consider us a one-stop resource for any questions you might have.

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