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The Top 10 Best Pizza Spots in Boston


From the North End to collegiate classics, Boston can hold its own when it comes to some of the country’s best pizza spots. Here’s a list of 10 of the city’s best.

1. Pizzeria Regina

There’s a reason a line still forms around the block from this Boston institution. Forget the mall franchise versions around New England. When it comes to this North End establishment’s signature pies, there is no compare within city limits. Voted No. 1 in Boston by pretty much everyone, pretty much every year.
11 1/2 Thacher St.

2. Santarpio’s Pizza

Oh, but that doesn’t mean Santarpio’s doesn’t have its supporters who believe it is indeed the best pie in town. Consider this East Boston establishment Pepsi to Pizza Regina’s Coke. Nobody is wrong by claiming one over the other, but the debate rages on.
111 Chelsea St.
East Boston
617 567-9871

3. The Upper Crust

This place prides itself on the freshest ingredients in its famous traditional Neapolitan-style pies and that has resulted in one of the most popular pizza restaurants in the city. Highlights: The steak and Gorgonzola and the chicken fajita pizzas.
20 Charles Street
Plus multiple other locations

4. Oggi Gourmet

It doesn’t have the long-lasting reputation, but it’s getting there. Since hitting the Boston scene in 2004, Oggi’s, Boston Magazine named it "Best Traditional Pizza,” The Improper Bostonian named it the "Best Innovative Pizza,” and Oggi Gourmet was nominated for providing the best pizza in Boston in the CBS4 2006 Boston A-List.
1350 Mass. Ave., Cambridge

5. Cambridge One

The grilled pizza is the highlight at this Harvard and Kenmore Squares establishment, but the laid-back atmosphere makes it one of the premier destinations for a night – or a Sunday afternoon – out in the city. Try the No, 10: lobster, corn, scallion, parmigiano, and lemon butter.
27 Church St., Cambridge
1381 Boylston St.

6. Presto Pizzeria

Mention the name to some, and you’ll either a review of it as some of the best in town, or the retort that Pino’s is better. It’s the taster’s choice really, as these two Cleveland Circle establishments serve up some of the finest slices in town, at more than reasonable prices Presto comes out on top, but just slightly, for its crisp crust and addictive sauce.
1936 Beacon St., Brighton

7. Pino's Pizza

Of course, that doesn’t make Pino’s - virtually next door - the local step cousin either. Many a picky New Yorker has been known to step into Pino’s doors for a slice of Sicilian pie and have walked out happily. In fact, we hear Presto’s-Pino’s taste tests are a frequent occurrence on nearby college campuses.

1920 Beacon St., Brighton

8. Ernesto's

A slice of cheese will run you $3.50. Oh, did we mention that a slice of pizza at this Hanover St. pizzeria happens to be one-quarter of a full-size pizza? No wonder Ernesto’s is known throughout Boston as one of the go-to places a slice.
69 Salem St.

9. Galleria Umberto

You have to get there before the food runs out at lunch time (the only time Galleria Umberto is open), but the rush is worth it. This old-school North End pizza joint serves up delectable slices and calzones at some of the most ridiculously cheap prices in the city. It’s no surprise that you should prepare for a line.
289 Hanover St.

10. Figs

Sometime Figs gets a bad reputation simply because it’s the creation of uber-chef Todd English. Gourmet food is one thing, but pizza? Still, that doesn’t mar the fact that this Charlestown restaurant churns out some of the finest pies in the city. Unfortunately, this author’s favorite, the scallop pizza has apparently been taken off the menu, but the roasted pulled chicken isn’t exactly roughing it either.
67 Main St., Charlestown
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