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Food and Drink in Boston


Boston, a coastal city mostly known for its seafood, also happens to be a hotbed of other fine dining, including Italian, French, and Japanese restaurants. Some of the best chefs this side of New York reside here. Here's a guide to some of what they have to offer.
  1. Top Tens
  2. Bars in Boston and Cambridge
  3. Dining Deals
  4. Farmer's Markets and Specialty Foods

Top Tens

Boston pizza

In a city with as many dining options as Boston has, one person's list of Top Ten restaurants in the city can differ entirely from another's. So consider these a starting point to creating your own.

Bars in Boston and Cambridge

Publick House

You could argue that the American craft beer explosion began in Boston, where Jim Koch introduced the world to Samuel Adams lager in 1985. Today, Boston not only boasts a great number of craft brew destinations, but also plenty of swanky hotel hangouts and classic dive bars.

Dining Deals

From the bi-annual Boston Restaurant Week to special holiday menu offerings, diners are always on the lookout for a deal and something original. Here are some of the ways to save some coin, as well as be on the lookout for periodic specials.

Farmer's Markets and Specialty Foods

Farmer's Market

According to the Federation of Massachusetts Farmers Markets, about 195 markets opened for business this year, including a good number in the Boston area. Many of these markets open early in the summer and run through October or November.

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