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Boston Snow Emergency Information


Boston Snow Emergency Information
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Snow in the city can have a crippling effect. Here are some guidelines for what to expect when Boston declares a snow emergency.

Guidelines for Snow Removal: Property owners can be fined as much as $200 a day for not properly removing snow from city sidewalks. The city requests that all snow removal take place within three hours of any storm ending. If the snow arrives overnight, Boston requires snow to be removed three hours after sunrise.

Parking Bans: The city does all it can to assure that city streets are clear of cars in a snow event so that the plows can do their jobs. During a declared snow emergency, parking is prohibited on major arteries. These streets are marked by signs that declare, “Tow Zone No Parking During Snow Emergency.” On all other streets, do not park within 20 feet of an intersection or further than one foot from the curb.

Discounted parking will be made available to the public at various garages; however, you must possess a valid resident sticker. Call 617-635-3050 for more information. Keep in mind, cars must be removed from these garages within two hours of the ban being lifted, or face regular rates.

These lots include: BRA/EDIC Garage, 12 Drydock Ave. (1,427 spaces), 617-482-2487, $1 per night.

Municipal Lot No. 018, 450 W. Broadway (60 spaces), No charge,

Municipal Lot No. 021, 650-652 E. Broadway (22 spaces), No charge.

Boston Common Garage, Charles St. Boston (1,300 spaces), $2 for 24 hours.

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, South Lot, Summer St. (1,300 spaces), No charge.

Also, the Boston “tradition” of saving parking spaces by use of traffic cones, beach chairs, etc., is somewhat accepted at this point. However, any reserved spots must be surrendered 48 hours after a snow emergency has ended.

Emergency Phone Numbers: For general questions regarding snow and Boston practices during a snow emergency, call 617-635-4500. For police, utility, and animal control contacts, click here.

Boston Public Schools: During a snow emergency, it is likely that all city schools will be closed, however, be sure to check www.cityofboston.gov for up-to-date information.

Trash and Recycling: Trash pickup may or may not be on a regular schedule. Be sure to check with the city for information on your neighborhood.

For complete city information, including snow notifications and more winter safety tips, click here.
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