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Massachusetts Hurricane Safety Tips

Things to Consider in the Event of a Major Storm in New England


In hurricane season, it’s always best to be prepared. With that in mind, the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency has outlined a number of precautions for Massachusetts residents in the occurrence of a hurricane heading for the New England area.

In the event of a possible hurricane, all homes should have a safety kit containing items necessary to maintain a prolonged stay at home without power. Such items should include:

- A portable radio
- Flashlights
- Extra batteries
- Non-perishable foods
- Bottled water – one gallon per person, per day is recommended.
- A first-aid kit.
- Extra prescription medication, if necessary.

“Every home and business should have a stocked basic emergency supply kit that could be used for any emergency, regardless of the time of year,” MEMA Director Kurt Schwartz said. “Everyone should keep certain items around the house and workplace in the event you are isolated for three to five days without power”

In addition, the American Red Cross recommends the following to be added to a home safety kit:

- A multi¬purpose tool such as a Swiss army knife
- Sanitation and personal hygiene items
- A battery-powered cell phone charger
- Family emergency contact information
- Cash
- An Emergency blanket
- Maps of your local area
- Baby supplies
- Games and activities to keep children occupied
- Pet supplies (collar, leash, ID, food, carrier, bowl)
- A Manual can opener
- Whistle
- Matches
- Candles

MEMA also urges homeowners to take extra precaution in case of strong winds, torrential rain, and flooding. Flood insurance is highly encouraged, particularly for those that might live in a flood zone. Visit www.floodsmart.gov for more information.

Homeowners are also encouraged to keep record of personal property in case of damage of loss. An itemized list, including photos and/or video can greatly assist adjusters in the case of a claim. More tips from MEMA include:

- Protecting insurance policies in a secure place like a safety deposit box.

- Keeping trees around your property trimmed and removing limbs that could be blown down and cause damage during a storm.

- Clearing clogged gutters and drain pipes.

- Making sure that storage sheds, children’s outdoor playhouses, trash cans, grills, and patio furniture are safely secured. Homeowners should make a list of items to bring inside when a hurricane is in the forecast.

- Protecting windows and slicing doors with temporary plywood covers, especially those who live in coastal areas.

- Learning where all gas pilots and water mains are located and also how to safely shut off all utilities.

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