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Guide to Boston's Duck Tours


Guide to Boston's Duck Tours
Photo Courtesy Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism
One of the most popular ways to explore Boston is on a Boston Duck Tour or a Super Duck Tour. Every spring, these amphibious vehicles take to the streets and waterways of downtown and have proven to be an extremely popular and unique way to visit many of this city’s historical sights.

What: There are actually two outfits in Boston providing duck tours: Boston Duck Tours and Super Duck Tours. Each provides history and information about some of the city’s most popular attractions, including the Prudential Tower, Faneuil Hall, the Museum of Science, the Charles River, and Boston Harbor. The vehicles provide visitors with the opportunity to see the city by both land and sea because of the World War II-style amphibious landing vehicle that both companies employ in their fleets.

Where: Boston Duck Tours departs from two locations in Boston. Eighty-minute tours depart from the Prudential Center and the Museum of Science, while abbreviated, evening tours, lasting approximately 50 minutes, depart from the New England Aquarium. Super Duck Tours depart at Gate 1, the main pedestrian entrance to the Charlestown Navy Yard.

When: Boston Duck Tours operates from late March to late November and tours depart every 30-60 minutes depending upon the season. Tours begin at 9 a.m. daily. The last tour from the Museum of Science and Prudential Center leave an hour before sunset. Super Duck Tours operates from late March until December. Each tour lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Cost: There are varying costs for each tour. (All costs reflect 2011 pricing.)

Boston Duck Tours

Adults: $32
Student/Seniors/Military: $27
Children ages 3-11: $22
Children under 3 (including infants): $10

The costs for the abbreviated evening tours from the New England Aquarium as are follows:

Adults: $28
Student/Seniors/Military: $25
Children ages 3-11: $19.00
Children under the age of 3 (including infants): $10

Charter rates are also available at a cost of $790 for an 80-minute tour, or $775 for the abbreviated, aquarium tour. The charter rates are available for groups up to 32 people.

Super Duck Tours

Adult: $35
Senior/Student/Military: $31
Children, ages 3-11: $23
Children under the age of 3: $12

Super Duck Tours also offers a pair of combination packages that include next-day trolley rides and/or a Charles River Beat Cruise. See web site for details.

More information: To contact Boston Duck Tours, call 617-267-DUCK (3825), email Info@BostonDuckTours.com, or visit www.bostonducktours.com

To contact Super Duck Tours, call 877-34DUCKS (343-8257), email info@superducktours.com, or visit www.superducktours.com.

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