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What's the Weather Like in Boston?

Average Annual Temperatures and Precipitation for Boston


Don’t let the temperate winter of 2011-12 fool you, Boston can be a can be a very cold place to visit. However, the harsh New England winters that we endure are all worth it once spring, summer, and fall arrive, New England treasures that simply are beyond compare. The seasons in Boston bring out special features, no matter what time of the year it happens to be, as tourists from all over flock to the city and its surrounding areas to enjoy and witness the special feelings that the weather can offer, from the mountains to the north, to the countless beaches in the region, from the rocky coasts to the deep history that this area calls its own.

If you’re new to Boston, or visiting and don’t know what to expect seasonally, here, according to the City of Boston’s web site, are the average temperatures for each month of the year.

January: 28.8 degrees

February: 29.4 degrees

March: 37.1 degrees

April: 47.2 degrees

May: 57.9 degrees

June: 67.2 degrees

July: 72.7 degrees

August: 71 degrees

September: 64.1 degrees

October: 54 degrees

November: 43.7 degrees

December: 32.8 degrees

Precipitation in Boston isn’t uncommon, as the city has endured some harsh winters and coastal storms over its lifespan. Here are the precipitation averages – for both rain and snowfall – in Boston.


January – 3.62 inches

February – 3.38 inches

March – 3.86 inches

April – 3.61 inches

May – 3.22 inches

June – 3.15 inches

July – 3.15 inches

August – 3.60 inches

September – 3.19 inches

October – 3.29 inches

November – 3.91 inches

December – 3.65 inches


January – 12 inches

February – 11 .3 inches

March – 7.9 inches

April - .9 inches

May – 0 inches

June – 0 inches

July – 0 inches

August – 0 inches

September – 0 inches

October – 0 inches

November – 1.3 inches

December – 7.5 inches

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