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2013 Red Sox Schedule


After a 69-93 2012 season, the Boston Red Sox are freezing ticket prices for the 2013 season, a freeze that applies to both season ticket and individual game sales. It is the first time in five years that the club has not imposed an increase on its paying customers.

“It was abundantly clear this year that we should hold the line on ticket prices,” Red Sox president and CEO Larry Lucchino. said in a statement. “Over the past few years, we have fallen short of our goals to play postseason baseball. Through it all, fans have shown their deep loyalty and support, for which we are all grateful. Our commitment to winning is as strong as it has ever been, and we look forward to the challenge of bringing our fans the winning and entertaining baseball team they richly deserve.”

The Sox have not been to the postseason since 2009, when they lost the ALDS in three games to the Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Will 2013 prove any different? It will be interesting to see how general manager Ben Cherington handles what is sure to be an interesting offseason. The Sox open the ’13 season in New York against the Yankees on April 1.

Here’s a look at the entire schedule for 2013, a season that includes an intriguing three-game set against the Los Angeles Dodgers and old friends Josh Beckett, Adrian Gonzalez, and Carl Crawford (and Nick Punto), the centerpieces to 2012’s epic salary dump. All times are to be determined.

April 1 at N.Y. Yankees
April 3 at N.Y. Yankees
April 4 at N.Y. Yankees
April 5 at Toronto
April 6 at Toronto
April 7 at Toronto
April 8 Baltimore
April 10 Baltimore
April 11 Baltimore
April 12 Tampa Bay
April 13 Tampa Bay
April 14 Tampa Bay
April 15 Tampa Bay
April 16 at Cleveland
April 17 at Cleveland
April 18 at Cleveland
April 19 Kansas City
April 20 Kansas City
April 21 Kansas City
April 22 Oakland
April 23 Oakland
April 24 Oakland
April 25 Houston
April 26 Houston
April 27 Houston
April 28 Houston
April 30 at Toronto
May 1 at Toronto
May 2 at Toronto
May 3 at Texas
May 4 at Texas
May 5 at Texas
May 6 Minnesota
May 7 Minnesota
May 8 Minnesota
May 9 Minnesota
May 10 Toronto
May 11 Toronto
May 12 Toronto
May 14 at Tampa Bay
May 15 at Tampa Bay
May 16 at Tampa Bay
May 17 at Minnesota
May 18 at Minnesota
May 19 at Minnesota
May 20 at Chicago White Sox
May 21 at Chicago White Sox
May 22 at Chicago White Sox
May 23 Cleveland
May 24 Cleveland
May 25 Cleveland
May 26 Cleveland
May 27 Philadelphia
May 28 Philadelphia
May 29 at Philadelphia
May 30 at Philadelphia
May 31 at N.Y. Yankees
June 1 at N.Y. Yankees
June 2 at N.Y. Yankees
June 4 Texas
June 5 Texas
June 6 Texas
June 7 L.A. Angels
June 8 L.A. Angels
June 9 L.A. Angels
June 10 at Tampa Bay
June 11 at Tampa Bay
June 12 at Tampa Bay
June 13 at Baltimore
June 14 at Baltimore
June 15 at Baltimore
June 16 at Baltimore
June 18 Tampa Bay
June 19 Tampa Bay
June 20 at Detroit
June 21 at Detroit
June 22 at Detroit
June 23 at Detroit
June 25 Colorado
June 26 Colorado
June 27 Toronto
June 28 Toronto
June 29 Toronto
June 30 Toronto
July 2 San Diego
July 3 San Diego
July 4 San Diego
July 5 at L.A. Angels
July 6 at L.A. Angels
July 7 at L.A. Angels
July 8 at Seattle
July 9 at Seattle
July 10 at Seattle
July 11 at Seattle
July 12 at Oakland
July 13 at Oakland
July 14 at Oakland
July 19 N.Y. Yankees
July 20 N.Y. Yankees
July 21 N.Y. Yankees
July 22 Tampa Bay
July 23 Tampa Bay
July 24 Tampa Bay
July 25 Tampa Bay
July 26 at Baltimore
July 27 at Baltimore
July 28 at Baltimore
July 30 Seattle
July 31 Seattle
Aug. 1 Seattle
Aug. 2 Arizona
Aug. 3 Arizona
Aug. 4 Arizona
Aug. 5 at Houston
Aug. 6 at Houston
Aug. 7 at Houston
Aug. 8 at Kansas City
Aug. 9 at Kansas City
Aug. 10 at Kansas City
Aug. 11 at Kansas City
Aug. 13 at Toronto
Aug. 14 at Toronto
Aug. 15 at Toronto
Aug. 16 N.Y. Yankees
Aug. 17 N.Y. Yankees
Aug. 18 N.Y. Yankees
Aug. 19 at San Francisco
Aug. 20 at San Francisco
Aug. 21 at San Francisco
Aug. 23 at L.A. Dodgers
Aug. 24 at L.A. Dodgers
Aug. 25 at L.A. Dodgers
Aug. 27 Baltimore
Aug. 28 Baltimore
Aug. 29 Baltimore
Aug. 30 Chicago White Sox
Aug. 31 Chicago White Sox
Sept. 1 Chicago White Sox
Sept. 2 Detroit
Sept. 3 Detroit
Sept. 4 Detroit
Sept. 5 at N.Y. Yankees
Sept. 6 at N.Y. Yankees
Sept. 7 at N.Y. Yankees
Sept. 8 at N.Y. Yankees
Sept. 10 at Tampa Bay
Sept. 11 at Tampa Bay
Sept. 12 at Tampa Bay
Sept. 13 N.Y. Yankees
Sept. 14 N.Y. Yankees
Sept. 15 N.Y. Yankees
Sept. 17 Baltimore
Sept. 18 Baltimore
Sept. 19 Baltimore
Sept. 20 Toronto
Sept. 21 Toronto
Sept. 22 Toronto
Sept. 24 at Colorado
Sept. 25 at Colorado
Sept. 27 at Baltimore
Sept. 28 at Baltimore
Sept. 29 at Baltimore

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