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Best Places to Watch The Boston Marathon


Best Places to Watch The Boston Marathon

Brookline's Coolidge Corner is annually a favorite destination for spectators of the marathon.

Whether it’s the excitement of parking yourself on the home stretch of Boylston St., or reveling in the party atmosphere of Cleveland Circle, there are a variety of distinguished areas to enjoy The Boston Marathon. Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular.

Hopkinton: Space is scarce at the start of the race, though an early-morning stroll through the area is an interesting way to view how the runners prepare for the grueling task they are about to impose on their bodies.

Ashland, Framingham, and Natick: Each of these town’s greens provides a nice spot to watch early portions of the race, though you had better arrive pretty early, These town residents tend to fill these spots up rather quickly.

Wellesley: Infamous for the vocal support given by Wellesley College students, this town’s center serves as the halfway point for the race.

Chestnut Hill: If you’re into watching the challenges the runners face on Heartbreak Hill, this is your spot. If you’re into providing inspiration for the runners in their time of need, this is also your spot.

Cleveland Circle, Brighton: College students get a day off, and there’s a huge gathering happening in the streets surrounding their apartments. Need we say more as to why this is generally regarded as one of the top marathon party spots?

Coolidge Corner, Brookline: Really anywhere from Washington Square to St. Mary’s will do. College students and young professionals annually make this a lively section of the race.

Kenmore Square: Back when the marathon used to begin at noon, it always crated for an interesting situation in Kenmore Square, where Red Sox fans were normally filtering into the streets following the team’s special Patriot’s Day 11 a.m. traditional start. This was normally right around the time when the elite runners were making their way past the area, and it caused for some gridlock in the streets.

Today, the marathon begins earlier, which means by the time many of the runners are racing through Kenmore, the Sox and their opponents are usually in the fifth inning or so. When the game lets out though, many more runners will be coming through, so there’s still the potential for some headaches. But for atmosphere, it’s still tough to beat.

Boylston St.: This is the stretch run, where the elite runners are jockeying for position in a close race, and the second wave of runners can finally taste the finish line, and their major accomplishment near. It can get awfully crowded all the way from the Boylston St.-Massachusetts Ave. intersection to the finish line just in front of the Boston Public Library. Beyond the finish line offers the chance to offer the runners a more relaxed congratulations as they begin to recover from the journey.
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